Your Placenta for Your Recovery

In addition to direct contact with your Avocado Doulas Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and
information on your product packaging, this page provides a quick resource about proper
consumption and storage of your placenta remedy.


Placenta Capsules


Proper Handling

It is imperative that you avoid introducing any moisture into your jar of capsules. Ensure you have clean, dry hands when handling your capsules and re-secure the lid immediately. Moisture can lead to mold and ruin your capsules! Your jar includes a desiccant packet that should stay in the jar to absorb any unintended moisture.

Recommended Dosage:

Below is your starting recommended dosage. There are several variables that impact the individual therapeutic dosage right for you: placentas vary in potency, each individual has varying needs, and responds to their placenta remedy differently. Listen to your body. Adjust your dosage according to your needs and results.

Take your capsules with food to avoid stomach upset. You may opt to follow with juice if you find the taste unappealing.

Generally, you will take 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times per day; titrating down over time.

Week 1: ~3 caps, 3x/day
Week 2: ~3 caps, 2x/day
Week 3: ~2 caps, 2x/day
Week 4+: Slowly decrease over time to 1/day


  • Consider a single capsule during a night feed to increase milk production
  • Watch for oversupply or engorgement and reduce capsule intake accordingly
  • If the energizing effect is too great and impacts sleep or you feel jittery, take earlier in the day or reduce dosage.

Proper Storage

Do Not Refrigerate. There is too much moisture in the refrigerator which can cause condensation and lead to bacterial growth, which would require disposal.

Store your capsules at room temperature and out of direct sunlight for the first six weeks postpartum. Any remaining capsules, including the dehumidifying packet, should be placed in the freezer for up to 1 year.

**Keep out of reach of children. Your placenta remedy is only for your consumption. If others ingest, contact your medical care provider.

placenta encapsulation

Placenta Tincture

Handling and preparation:

Your tincture takes six weeks until it is ready for consumption. You should swirl your bottle of tincture daily and keep it in a cool, dark place. After six weeks, pour your tincture through the included strainer into a clean container. Next, use the included funnel to return your strained tincture back into the bottle and close lid tightly.

Recommended Dosage:

Place 3-5 drops, up to a full dropper, under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds, then swallow.

You may take drops of your tincture “straight up” or you may mix with juice if you find the taste too strong or unappealing. A tincture penetrates the mucous membrane and is therefore fast-acting!

Proper Storage:

Store your tincture at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Your tincture can last indefinitely and requires little care.

If you would like to reserve your due date, schedule a consultation, or have any questions regarding our services, please reach out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my capsules last? What about the tincture?

Capsules, stored correctly, don’t “go bad” per se, but their efficacy diminishes over time. Generally, your capsules are wholly safe and effective for one year in the freezer. Your tincture will last indefinitely and could be used to support menopause years from now.

I feel a little “jittery” after taking my placenta. Is something wrong?

Some people experience a “jitteriness” similar to consuming too much caffeine. If you suspect this is you, we suggest you pause taking your placenta capsules and see if you feel better. If you do, you may resume consumption, but at a lower dose. Tincture is more potent than capsules and care should be taken to avoid jitteriness.

Is there a time I shouldn’t take my placenta remedy?

If you see any signs of mold or contamination, do not consume your capsules! If you don’t like how the product is making you feel, stop taking it. If you are ill or experiencing any adverse effects you suspect are from your placenta, please stop taking it right away. Call Avocado Doulas at 541-510-4631 and consider seeking medical advice.

How can I take my placenta after the initial postpartum period?

After a few weeks you may be feeling pretty well recovered and no longer need daily dosing of your capsules. However, there may be instances over the next months or year that dosing may be beneficial. If you experience some emotional unsteadiness or upset, see a decrease in your milk supply, or notice a change in your sleeping pattern or energy levels, resuming consumption of your placenta remedy can be helpful. You may find taking your placenta remedy when your menses returns helps steady the hormonal upset. Even after capsules are gone or expired, your tincture can still be used. Many find their tincture helpful to ease the hormonal upset of menopause!

I love my placenta remedy, but things are still hard. How can I get more support?

Avocado Doulas offer in-home, personalized postpartum doula care to help you through the fourth trimester. We are here to support your postpartum recovery and adjustment, normalize infancy and new parenthood, and build your confidence so you are well-launched into parenting.

Whether you need a couple hours to touch base and reset, or several weeks of steady support, contact us to build a package that meets your needs. An overnight postpartum doula can really help promote therapeutic sleep and help you get through this time.

I hope that you feel the myriad of benefits from your placenta remedy and would love to hear how they worked for you. Please submit a testimonial of your experience! Placenta encapsulation is still a mystery to many and direct experience from those who have consumed theirs is very helpful to those curious about the practice. I appreciate the help in spreading awareness about placenta encapsulation and how it can help with postpartum recovery.

– Rachel Basolo, Owner, Avocado Doulas

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